H–ONE – established in 2014 by industry authority Tony Barradale.

Pursing excellence and illuminating opportunities through leading edge thinking, Tony is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer, General Manager, Advisory and proven leader of diverse hospitality teams.

After cutting his teeth with global Hilton Hotels in Melbourne and the Federal Group in Tasmania, Tony operated a diverse range of hotels and resorts across Australia for over 20 years. Corporate hotels, remote luxury island destinations and bespoke properties in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland, Tony’s journey is considerable.

Following his establishment of H-ONE in 2014, Tony has acted in an advisory capacity for many hospitality and tourism enterprises throughout Australia and internationally. From smaller, individual businesses to Government Departments H-ONE has been active reimagining and optimizing to deliver better commercial outcomes – and guide a more profitable way forward. Working with owners, architects and builders on new projects is a specialty, as is the development of high-performing teams and leaders.

Tony values the power of capable people and is passionate towards leadership and talent development allowing leaders to get excited and empowered to learn, grow and succeed. Tony delivers excellence through a positive and collaborative approach that seeks out specialized talent from a diverse range of disciplines that challenges and empowers teams to think bigger, faster and better in the delivery of strategy. The H-ONE leadership program, delivered by Tony, is a powerful experience engendering growth and optimisation of an enterprise through its best asset – high-performing teams and leaders.

Continuing an active involvement in the hospitality and tourism profession, Tony is on the board of a regional hospitality group. He is a member of the Victorian Tourism Industry Council (VTIC), a current judge of the Victorian Tourism Awards and Deputy Chair of VTIC Accommodation Sector Roundtable Policy Advisory Committee. Tony is a member of the Tourism Industry Council South Australia (TiCSA) and a past speaker at their Annual Conference plus, a member of Australian Regional Tourism (ART).

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