H–ONE understands that leadership and people are the core of successful and sustainable business enterprises.

Building consistently high-performing teams is hard work, requiring a contemporary leadership approach and investment in people. Highly engaged teams with good leadership, have the potential to deliver 19% more income and 28% more in earnings growth than teams with low levels of engagement. It’s about leadership.

H-ONE’s Tony Barradale is an accomplished Chief Executive Officer, General Manager and Advisory whose passion is leadership and the development of high performing, valued teams of people. This is the core to any business’s success.

Tony is a visionary leader centered around a clear purpose and creating an environment of high trust; connecting values and behaviors to customer outcomes to drive continuous improvement in performance. Tony values the power of capable people and is focused on leadership and talent development that allows leaders to get excited and empowered to learn, grow and succeed.

Connected to H-ONE’s Service Offerings and Solutions is Leadership. Leadership is a separate program personally curated and led by Tony to upgrade enterprises even further through the power of their own people:

  • What is it that’s so important about teams, why are they an absolute necessity
  • Essential, critical, planks to inspirational and successful teams
  • No holding back developing an amazing team and the success which follows
  • Teams, who through the strength of collaboration, are seriously high-performing
  • Incredible and effective leadership
H-ONE Leadership program is curated to a specific business needs, regardless of any operating structure. A focus on single talent is not viable in the contemporary world, capturing the collective talent of a whole team and refashioning it into a high-performance team – an amazing team – is the outcome of Leadership.  It is about creating that environment of trust, where the team understands its direction and what is necessary for success, a solid example of leadership amongst everyone and the delivery of outcomes that take the enterprise to next-level success.

H-ONE – upgrading your enterprise.

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